Hottest Basketball Hobby Cases of 2022

A packed basketball arena

Are you looking to get your hands on the hottest 2022 basketball cards? We’ve got you covered! Giant Sports Cards stocks the latest and greatest 2022 NBA cards so you can level up your collection to perfection. Here’s a look at the top 10 hobby cases you should have on your radar.

10. Optic

Panini’s Donruss Optic series (not to be confused with Contenders Optic) has remained a favorite among pack rippers since its release in 2016. There are plenty of rare cards to find, including chromium cards and Prizm-based inserts and parallels. These boxes also include on-card rookie autos and Rated Rookie cards — an ideal choice for those looking to collect 2022 basketball cards with today’s up-and-comers and tomorrow’s superstars.

9. Select

Collectors who can’t get enough chrome will certainly love Panini Select 2022 basketball cards! These collections feature a variety of Concourse, Premier, and Courtside Prizms in virtually every color imaginable, not to mention some bold designs like zebra and tie-dye. Select is also quite attractive to collectors seeking autographs and memorabilia cards. In short, these 2022 NBA cards offer a lot of eye candy for those looking for a diverse ripping experience.

8. One and One

Those seeking guaranteed autos would be wise to look into Panini’s One and One product. If your goal is to pull that big hit, these boxes are well-known as a no-filler option, with just two cards (hence the One and One name). Typically, you’ll pull one on-card auto and one numbered base card. These are niche releases, but those who love them really love them. If you’re the type of collector who goes for quality over quantity, this is the one…and one.

7. Spectra

Panini’s Spectra offering is a bit more premium than Optic, Prizm, and Select, boasting thicker cards and featuring opti-chrome as the baseline. While there are plenty of solid-colored parallels, you’ll also find some mixed-color parallels too, including Celestial, Interstellar, and the 1/1 Nebula. In one of these boxes of 2022 basketball cards, you can expect to pull four autographs and four parallels.

6. Prizm

Arguably one of the most popular collections out there, Panini’s Prizm product delivers a whole lot of bang for your buck, with 144 cards per box at a very reasonable price point. The collection dropped in 2012 and featured opti-chrome cards to compete with Topps’ refractors (back when Topps made basketball cards). In addition to two autographs per box, collectors will have a blast pulling parallels of every color of the rainbow, including the iconic silvers. Prizm’s popularity makes these boxes a sound investment, whether you're looking to rip, hold, or sell.

5. Impeccable

Panini’s Impeccable 2022 NBA cards deliver more of what collectors know and love about the brand: lots of on-card autographs, memorabilia, unique designs, and shiny metals. If you love the classic look of precious metal parallels, these high-end 2022 basketball cards are sure to please. While the 2022 release doesn’t drastically change up the formula, you know what you’re getting into, and sometimes that’s a good thing!

4. Immaculate

An NBA basketball game

For a decade and going strong, Panini’s Immaculate brand has remained a fan favorite. These 2022 basketball cards are known for their distinct swatches, memorabilia cards, and autos from legends, superstars, and rookies alike. This is such a premium product that even the base cards are numbered — a great choice for those looking to add some low-pop pieces to their collections. Simply put, these boxes are packed to the gills with hits!

3. Noir

Inspired by black and white cinema, Panini Noir cards are extremely popular among those who appreciate the unique, moody aesthetic. Collectors can expect to pull a variety of attractive themes, as well as horizontal and vertical cards and parallels in a variety of precious metals. These elite cards are truly a feast for the eyes, boasting some of the industry’s most exciting designs — no collection is complete without Noir!

2. National Treasures

If you’re seeking some of the most elite 2022 basketball cards out there, you can’t go wrong with National Treasures. One of Panini’s most prestigious releases, National Treasures is only available as a hobby box and first-off-the-line (FOTL) release — no retail. These boxes cost a pretty penny, but you get what you pay for, including four autos and four memorabilia cards per box, on average, and a chance to pull a 1/1 logoman that could be worth hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars!

1. Flawless

Last but certainly not least, Panini Flawless 2022 NBA cards are the cream of the crop — the hits just keep coming! At least 80% of the cards are autographs. Even the base cards are extremely rare and are diamond-embedded and numbered to no more than 20. If you’re seeking the most high-end 2022 basketball cards available, go for Flawless!

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