Our Story

Giants Sports Cards was born out of a passion for everything sports. In fact, our childhoods were defined by it. Whether it was playing sports, watching sports, or getting our hands on some new sports cards, these moments made up the fabric of our very existence. 

Some of our fondest memories were of going to card shows with my dad, drooling over cards we could never afford and waiting hours in line just to get a card or a ball autographed by our heroes. Trading cards, memorizing stats by heart, ripping open wax packs, and hand-collecting sets were how we spent our formative years. 

Of course, as it is with most things, we lost sight of our passion in the midst of adult responsibilities. That is, until the COVID-19 pandemic hit. With more time on our hands and a renewed interest in the shoeboxes of cards that we’d collected and the memories behind them, we decided to spread this joy and reignite this interest in other collectors who felt as strongly about sports and sports card collectibles as we did. 

The problem? Low supplies and tight print runs have greatly increased the cost of sports cards across multiple sports markets, making it near impossible for today’s collectors to build their collection while also getting a great deal. Thus, Giant Sports Cards was born. We were founded with a simple mission--to help provide sports card hobbyists and enthusiasts with the lowest prices and best service out there for sealed wax, so as many people as possible can participate in all the fun that our hobby has to offer. 

Whether you’re looking for the newest releases, pre-sale items, or even autographed memorabilia like football jerseys and baseballs, we’re here to make sure that you’re able to relive this nostalgia with us. 

Discover new sports cards with your friends here at Giant Sports Cards and reach out to us if you have any questions along the way!