Say Hello To The Modern Day Sports Card Shop

The Ultimate Collector’s Cave™

Our game-changing sports card store in Alpharetta, GA is now open! We have thoroughly thought through every square inch of our new store to provide you with an unforgettable experience from the moment you walk in. We cannot wait to welcome passionate collectors of every level — from rookies to veterans — into our baseball card store in Atlanta to celebrate their love of the game and help create meaningful memories that last a lifetime. 

A Second Home for Fellow Collectors

We have been an online-only sports card powerhouse in Atlanta for years, but something was always missing. We have now combined the accessibility, convenience, and speed of online shopping with the human touch and unreplicable atmosphere that makes local card shops so special.

Our goal was to build a one-of-a-kind sanctuary to give sports card collectors a place to hang out, meet fellow enthusiasts, get the hottest new sports card releases at the lowest prices, and enjoy watching and talking sports. 

There are some major league attractions to look forward to in our Ultimate Collector’s Cave™! We decked out our baseball card store with a wide variety of creature comforts to make every customer feel like an MVP. Whether you have $20 to spend or $20,000 to spend, rest assured you will always receive GOAT-level customer service when you shop at Giant!

Giant Sports Cards’ wall of sports cards and signed jerseys

Ready to dive into the action? Let’s go! Here’s what’s in-store!


square feet of awesomeness


foot wall of wax, featuring the hottest sports card boxes and hobby cases


4K TV to watch all the big games and the best sports movies


tiles to make up our custom four color baseball field floor


foot custom art card display wall, featuring hundreds of graded slabs for sale


real cards of legends and stars embedded in our arcade room floor


pieces of autographed memorabilia for sale


baseballs used for our custom ceiling cloud lighting fixture


luxury VIP lounge that includes a 4K TV, plus free drinks, snacks, and supplies


seats to hang out, rip cards open, and talk sports with family and friends


white oak slats composing our illuminated MLB player silhouette


Marucci bats on our custom bat wall in the VIP room


full-sized basketballs suspended as the ceiling for our arcade room


legendary sports arcade games free to play


baseball card stores that can compare to it

fun to be had and memories to be made

the inside of a baseball card store in Atlanta


We’ll Keep You Coming Back for More

Drooling yet? We’re just getting started! The Ultimate Collector’s Cave™ awaits your arrival, so don’t be a stranger — be a regular! Tell all of your fellow collector buddies about our Atlanta card shop too. After all, sports are best enjoyed with others. Our Atlanta store hosts everything from Pokémon to the NBA! Keep watching this space for the latest news and follow us on Instagram and Facebook @giantsportscards to keep up to date on all of the events we will have at the shop. Thanks, and we can’t wait to be your favorite local card shop soon!

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