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Catchin’ ‘em all has never been easier (or looked cooler!) than with these incredible new booster and trainer boxes and cases. Set down that Switch and bring your favorite Pokémon back out into the real world with boxes containing ultra-rare Pokémon cards and special art that any fan would love to have in their collection. Buy Pokémon cards with us and enjoy the lowest prices along with mint condition collecting, every time. 

Whether you’re shopping trading cards online for a loved one or expanding your Pokédex with new Pokémon booster boxes, Giant Sports Cards is an authentic Pokémon cards store in Atlanta standing by to help you Unbox Your Love Of The Game™.

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28 products

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How can I protect my Pokémon cards?

Like any other trading card, one of the first things you should do after buying Pokémon cards is to order a few card sleeves. These sports card supplies will protect your cards from ambient dust and moisture, ensuring your shiny Charizard maintains its high PSA rating. 

Is there a way to check out new Pokémon booster boxes in person without purchasing them?

Head on over to our all-new Pokémon store in the Atlanta area to discover your favorite booster boxes and singles in person. We have everything from merch to essential toploaders to help you keep your collection in A-grade shape. 

How can I tell if the Pokémon cards I’m buying are real?

If you’ve purchased Pokémon cards and would like to verify their authenticity, look for a distinct holographic foil and texture. Rarer cards will almost certainly come with a holofoil. You can also check to see if the energy and resistance symbols are placed correctly and not distorted. Buying trading cards online is stress-free if you know what to look for.

Collect Premium Pokémon Cards at a Discount

You don’t have to splurge to collect the greatest trading cards (even if you’re in the market for a holographic Mewtwo!) with Giant Sports Cards. Pokémon cases never go out of style, and they’re only going to increase in value with the growing popularity of boosters and elite trainer boxes. Browse all-new Pokémon booster boxes with us and grab the best boxes and cases at a discount. Giant Sports Cards offers the lowest prices around for TCGs!

Buying Pokémon cards is a great way to multiply the value of your collection, but it isn’t everything. Keep your cards in mint condition with our high-quality toploaders and sports card sleeves, designed to shield your prized holos from the elements for the long term.

High-End Card Packs, Delivered in Mint Condition

Any die-hard trading card collector knows that even the smallest dinged corner can cause a card to receive a lower grade and decrease its value. When you’re buying trading cards, maintaining condition integrity is everything. Giant Sports Cards uses special packaging to ensure that every order reaches you in perfect condition.

Shipping with Giant Sports Cards isn’t just safe, it’s also incredibly fast. We offer same business day shipping for all of our customers, whether you’re buying TCGs or sports card boxes. If your order value is over $199, shipping is free! We also offer free local pick-ups for Pokémon cards in Atlanta! Sign up for our newsletter and enjoy $10 off on your next order today.