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No matter who your favorite teams or players are, football hobby boxes and cases are an exciting piece of NFL history that any football fan can hold onto for years to come as rookies begin leaving their mark while the legends keep reaching new heights in greatness. Explore Giant Sports Cards online to find the hottest and newest releases from top sports card brands, including Topps, Leaf, and Panini football cards. Or, stop by the Ultimate Collector’s Cave™—our massive, fully decked out sports card shop where you can buy NFL cards near Atlanta!

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101 products

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Should I open my football card boxes and cases?

Ripping packs is an exciting part of the hobby, but there’s no denying that owning sealed wax boxes is a thrill in itself. From an investment standpoint, both approaches have their benefits. 

If you open your packs, you could pull a high-value single that pays for the whole box and then some. If you hold your sealed wax long-term, you could end up with a pretty profit down the line as the overall supply of unopened boxes continues to diminish, but at the same time, you never know what singles you might have missed! 

What are some of the best football hobby boxes and cases that are fun to rip?

If your goal is to buy football card boxes and cases that have awesome designs, provide a decent amount of cards, and not be too expensive, these brands are worth exploring

  • Donruss
  • Panini Mosaic
  • Panini Contenders
  • Panini Select
  • Panini Absolute
  • Bowman Chrome University

What are some of the best football hobby cases and boxes for investing?

Whether you’re hoping to pull a hit or resell a box or case in the future, these are some of the most popular series among investors:

  • Panini Prizm
  • Panini Select
  • Panini Flawless
  • Panini National Treasures
  • Panini Immaculate
  • Donruss Optic

Unbox Your Love Of The Game™

Our collection of football card boxes and cases includes all of the newest and hottest releases so you can dive into the action. Our vast inventory is sure to satisfy the appetite of any collector, so have a look around to see what stands out to you. Having trouble finding the perfect box? You can’t go wrong with any Panini football cards, or head over to our sports card blog to spark inspiration and learn about the latest and greatest brands and series. Shop our sports card sale to see if there are any discounts to take advantage of! Make sure you grab sports card supplies to keep your sports card collection in pristine condition.

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Get your football card boxes from fellow collectors! Our journey began during the pandemic when we had too much time on our hands and started diving into our own collections. Our reminiscing and love for sports eventually inspired us to reignite our passion and help the community source the newest releases at some of the lowest prices. When you shop at Giant Sports Cards, you can depend on GOAT-level customer service—same-business-day shipping (free shipping $199+) and rock-solid product condition integrity and honesty. Order your football hobby boxes and cases online, or come buy NFL cards near Atlanta!