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Celebrate Your Passion for UFC With UFC Trading Cards

UFC likely evokes exciting memories of ordering fights through pay-per-view and gathering with some of your closest buddies to catch the event. Now, you can take that experience one step further by building up your collection of UFC hobby boxes here at our sports card store. Whether you’re just getting started or working on an existing collection, check out our UFC trading cards below. When it comes to UFC sports cards, we’ve got you covered with our diverse inventory.

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Can I take a look at these UFC hobby boxes in person?

There has never been a better time! Head on over to the Ultimate Collector’s Cave—our jaw-dropping new sports card shop in the Atlanta area. Whether you’re looking for a Gold Prizm McGregor or chasing down the elusive Octagonside Prizms, you’ll be able to get up close and personal with a wide range of UFC sports cards in our collectors’ paradise. 

What kind of refractors should I look for in my UFC cards?

Valuable UFC cards are easy to spot. Refractors (a.k.a. special parallel inserts) will look just like any other card but with all-new finishes on the face of the card, the borders, or the name. The UFC Prizm card parallels are separated by color – Color Blast, Gold, Black, Purple, and more.

What are the best ways to protect my UFC trading cards?

Thankfully, there are tons of ways to protect your favorite UFC parallels while keeping them stylish. Sports card supplies like sleeves and top loaders are great for this. We’d recommend using a semi-rigid holder that makes it easy to swap cards out if needed. 

I just pulled a rare card – how do I get it graded?

Companies like PSA or BGS are well-known for their grading services. If you pull a cool card you’d like to get graded, you can ship it over to these companies and they’ll carefully examine and authenticate them. Regardless of rarity, your card will also come back enclosed in a beautiful tamper-free case. 

Top Picks for Modern Collectors

When you think of sports cards, chances are you think of highly popular baseball cards or basketball cards. However, while both of these sports are definitely a top pick for many modern collectors, they aren’t the only types of cards for fans. UFC hobby boxes have been soaring in popularity lately. Here at Giant Sports Cards, you can get your hands on new Panini UFC cards and take your passion for UFC to the next level. We're constantly adding new sports card boxes so you can find your favorite brand collections

Cards for All Enthusiasts

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we remembered how deeply sports impacted our lives and how we began collections of our own to celebrate our favorite sports. Because of this, we decided to share our passion with the world by offering serious collectors, like us, access to a diverse collection of UFC trading cards. Here, you can get new sports card releases at the lowest prices with same-business-day shipping to get your cards delivered quickly, or free local pick-up if you’re in Alpharetta, GA. Discover new UFC cards and enjoy special deals to save more!