Topps Finest Collection

The first Topps sports cards in the Finest collection were produced in 1993. The production run was limited to around 4000 cases. Along with sought-after autographs in each hobby box, collectors found jumbo cards and, on occasion, a super-rare refractor. The Finest Baseball Edition is one of the most desirable series of collectible sports cards on the market today, but the Topps Finest Soccer Edition is also in high demand. These premium cards are destined to remain highly collectible among baseball fans, soccer fans, and fans of other sports. With die cuts, parallels, and other special pulls, who knows what Finest cards will contain this year?

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8 products

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Legendary Artwork

Finest Edition cards always bring great autographs. Open a pack, a hobby box, or a case, and you’ll find plenty of special pulls with rookies, veterans, and hall of farmers. You’ll find legendary players in baseball and soccer in the Finest collection. On-card autographs and glorious in-game action photos add to the excitement of the game, and collectors will appreciate the quality feel and gleaming finish of every card. Super fans will also enjoy the dazzling colors and professionally composed representations of their favorite players. Topps’ artwork is always top-notch. 

Topps Quality Cards

The Finest Edition gives your favorite sport a quality set of collectible cards worthy of investment. Find a die-cut card in the Topps Finest Baseball collection or a super refractor in the Finest Soccer collection. You’ll never know what you’ll get in a pack, but you know it’s going to be good when it’s Topps. This is true for every collector who is looking for a little more from their hobby. They know they can rely on Topps for investment potential. Best of all, anyone can start collecting at any time! The accessibility of the Finest cards puts these hobby boxes within reach of every serious card collector.