How to Get Sports Cards Appraised Fairly

If you’re an avid collector and sports enthusiast like we are here at Giant Sports Cards, you’ve probably been collecting for most of your life. Learning more about how much cards may be worth is something that all collectors want to do. That being said, you don’t want to have to spend a ton of money in the process, especially if you don’t believe that all of your cards are valuable or if you’re not looking to sell at this point in time. Whether you need help with baseball card appraisal or another type of sports card appraisal, we’re going to walk through how you can get your sports cards appraised fairly. 

In this guide, we will cover: 

  • The importance of getting certain cards graded if you wish to sell them. 
  • Doing your research to find the right appraisal services. 
  • Figuring out where to get sports cards appraised at a price that’s convenient for you.

Step 1: Consider Where You’re at in Terms of Why You’re Getting Your Cards Appraised

A pile of baseball cards for appraisal

For some collectors, the point of a baseball card appraisal is simply to learn the true value of their cards should they wish to sell some of their collection in the future. However, most will want to get their sports cards appraised if they believe they have cards of value and wish to sell them immediately. If you fall into the latter category, it’s important that you not only get your cards appraised but graded beforehand if they have material value, as well (this may even be essential for some appraisal services). Consider this so that you can get a great deal on the grading process and the appraisal process afterward!

Step 2: Do Your Research on Available Baseball Card Appraisal Services

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A sports card appraisal is like any service in that there are multiple companies or individuals offering them, all of which offer their own benefits and disadvantages. Take some time to research the various appraisal services that you may wish to reach out to for support in getting your sports cards appraised. For example, if you’re going to get your sports cards graded by the PSA, you might also wish to take advantage of their appraisal services after. Just make sure that you have a comprehensive understanding of each baseball card appraisal service you could use before you begin the appraisal process. Beckett is a great resource to see the value of cards, but remember the high Beckett listing is not always indicative of what that card is currently selling for. A great site where you can view actual realized prices of recent eBay sales is

Step 3: Know Your Options and Go With the Best Choice for You

The amount you’ll pay to have your sports cards appraised will largely depend on who you approach. Of course, knowing this will require you to know where to go in the first place! There are many reputable services like the PSA that can help you with card appraisal. However, you can also find appraisers by asking sports card stores near you who they use for their baseball card appraisal needs, going to sports card shows where there are appraisers on-site, or even using online services that can appraise your cards. 

Once you know your options, you can get sports card appraisal support at a price that works best for you. If you’re simply trying to learn how much your sports cards might be worth, you might wish to use a free or low-cost online service. If you’re willing to pay mid-range, an independent appraiser near you that vendors trust could be a great avenue to go with. Meanwhile, you might wish to use a baseball card appraisal service like that offered by the PSA if you know that your card is worth something and you want to sell it as soon as possible. 

Each situation will differ from collector to collector, which is why it’s important to spend as much as is necessary for your individual appraisal needs. 

Continue Your Card Collecting Journey With Giant Sports Cards

The guide above will give you further insight into how to get baseball card appraisal support at fair prices that work for you, regardless of where you are in terms of learning more about the value of the cards in your collection and selling them. However, even if you’re looking to sell some of your collection, you’re likely not quite done building it. That’s where we come in! Giant sports cards comprise fellow collectors and sports enthusiasts who know the value of having a high-quality collecting experience. As such we offer the newest releases at the lowest prices, and we also provide you with free shipping on orders over $175, great customer service, and speedy shipping! 

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