New Sports Card Releases

Do you think your collection ranks up there with other collectors? It might. But it also might not.

The best way to grow your collection, and fill it with some pretty phenomenal cards, is to keep track of the new sports card releases.

Topps, UpperDeck, Panini, and other major brands are constantly releasing new collections and new sports cards. Knowing when these sets are released and jumping on them right away helps keep the most unique cards in your collection.

Whether you're into baseball, basketball, football, or any other sport, we've got you covered.

In this article, we're going to go over the newest releases in sports cards. So, grab your pen and pad and take notes!

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Baseball Releases

The best way to break this down is to go through each sport. We'll cover the new releases for this year in each area and highlight any additional ones we think would benefit your collection. Let's start on the diamond.

2020 Panini Elite Extra Edition

Panini is known for its prospective sports cards. The Elite collection is no different. This box centers around up-and-coming prospects in the MLB. It also highlights some of the more prominent Dominican League players.

Hobby boxes for this set are selling for around $110. We mention the hobby box because it may be the way for you to purchase cards from this collection.

With this Panini baseball box, you're getting 25 cards. In those 25 cards, you're guaranteed eight autographed cards and two relic cards. For collectors looking for unique cards to add to their collection, this is the way to go.

The Elite Extra Edition also offers parallel versions. Collectors can expect to find their cards in either the Base Optichrome or Turn of the Century format.

This premier baseball series by Panini also contains the 50-card college ticket set. This set highlights college players that have been selected during the MLB draft during their college careers.

Let's talk about the autographs and relics that come with this set. The autographs are available from Panini in either Base Signatures or DPL Signatures.

Collectors can also find autographs from the college series and a Hidden Gems series that highlights "diamond in the rough" prospects.

As far as relics go, Panini has a lot of options available. One of the options is the Prospect Materials series. This series has seven parallels of every card.

Collectors shouldn't wait too long to get their hands on this set. Panini only released 999 copies of it earlier this year. You may want to act fast and see if you can nab yourself an exclusive pink parallel in a Panini baseball case.

2020 Bowman Draft Sapphire Edition

The cool thing about this collection is that it's an online exclusive by Topps. Initially, this collection was only available to the Topps Montgomery Club. Not surprisingly, all available versions of the collection were bought. Almost instantly.

This set offers 200 cards in its main set. Bowman has taken their 2020 Draft MLB collection and put a nice twist on it. Each box in this set contains 32 cards for collectors to look through.

Each box in the Bowman set should contain 2 parallels. Unlike Panini's Elite collection, there are no autographs to be found in this bunch.

The 2019 version of this series from Bowman sold for $35 per box. When the 2020 series became available, boxes began retailing for $70. It seems pretty obvious that demand for this set is increasing.

2020 Bowman Heritage

The Heritage set can come in a variety of parallels. These cards have a retro design and can contain prospect or rookie autographs.

Some of the parallels available are black & white, refractor, blue refractor, and yellow refractor. There are plenty more parallels available.

Each hobby box of the Heritage set comes with one autograph and two chrome prospect cards.

The price per box is $100. The price hasn't moved at all from last year's release of this set.

2020 Topps Chrome Update Series

This set by Topps is an end-of-the-year staple for baseball collectors. It came out a little later than expected this year, but Topps pulled through for the fans.

Hobby boxes of this set are available for approximately $40. The set also retails at Target for $19.99 per box.

This set doesn't come very highly rated by card collectors. Collectors did notice, however, that there are two different colors of Mega Box for this collection.

Topps issued at white Mega Box and a Blue Mega Box. However, after reviewing the cards, collectors didn't see a difference in the contents of either Mega Box.

Topps Mega Box format of this collection means that collectors will need to purchase multiple boxes to complete the entire set.

The autograph series in this set is somewhat rare. You can expect to find an autograph in every five to six-packs of baseball cards. However, there are some rarer parallels collectors should be looking out for.

These rarer cards are the X-fractor, gold, orange, red, and superfractor. The two inserts of this series can come in scarce autograph versions as well.

2021 Topps Archives Signature Series

This series from Topps gives collectors the thrill of hunting down rare and valuable cards. They come in a format of 1 card per pack, 1 pack per box, 20 boxes per case.

Topps went with a unique format for this set by only giving collectors one card per box. This means collectors can be sure they will receive an autograph in every box.

The set that Topps released is an active player set. A retired player set will come later this year, but for now, the collection revolves around active players.

Another unique thing about this set is that it contains buyback cards. These cards are unique because they have a real player signature on the card. These signed cards are foil stamped with a "2021 Topps Archives" logo and given a serial number.

They are a classy-looking card to add to anybody's collection. If you stick with this collection long enough, you may even grab a rare double autograph edition card.

2021 Topps Archives Signature Series Retired Player Edition

On July 14, 2021, Topps released its retired player collection within the Archives Signature series. The series still follows the same format as the active player series.

Cards come in 1 card per pack, 1 pack per box, 20 boxes per case. The card you receive in your pack could be any of the Topps cards that were released unsigned.

However, in the signature series, these unsigned Topps cards are re-released with a hand-drawn signature from each player. These cards are part of the Topps buyback program.

These buyback cards have been out in circulation and then are re-purchased by Topps after signature. They are then re-distributed as part of the Archives collection.

The card is then foil stamped with a Topps Archives logo, and each card is given a serial number. The retired player edition differs from the active player edition in that cards will arrive in a sealed case.

This collection still has the double autograph series, much like the active player edition does.

Football Releases

If you're interested in wholesale football cards, we've got the intel on some of the newest releases for you. The football season is just around the corner, so it may be time for you to get your hands on some of the new sports cards releases for the sport.

2021 Leaf Flash Football Autographs

This set is one of several NFL prospect sets Leave has available. These cards come in a reflective chrome design and display the names of top prospects predicted to go in the NFL draft. Most of the cards in the set revolve around the key quarterbacks and running backs to be drafted.

Each autograph card can be found in a colorful parallel variety. These cards are rare and what collectors are chasing after when they buy this series.

This set offers other card variants that work around the Flash collection name. These card editions are Flash Photography, Flash Forward, and Flash of Brilliance. They contain a unique design and different artwork than the rest of the cards in the set.

2021 Leaf Trinity Box Set

Leaf is the premier brand when it comes to prospect cards. They stay true to their brand with this Trinity Box set.

Each box in this set contains a Trevor Lawrence autograph. These cards also boast the first black color scheme for the Leaf brand.

The nice thing about this set is that each box contains the full set. A full set comprises 23 cards highlighting all of the top rookie prospects to play in the 2021 NFL season.

Getting a guaranteed Trevor Lawrence autograph in every set adds a nice touch. This card is also available in rare colored variants.

Leaf is only distributing 233 boxes of this collection, so you may want to get yours fast.

2021 Sage Aspire

This set is yet to be released. The cool thing about this set is that it's full of autographs. Each box contains twenty autographed cards. This is down from the twenty-four autographs Sage put in the collection in 2020.

However, collectors can still count on NFL prospect cards in a stunning foil design. The entire collection only highlights 140 players, so collectors are bound to get some top prospects in their box.

Diehard collectors can take things to the next level with Hot Boxes. The unique aspect of these boxes is they only contain autographs for skill players drafted in the first two rounds of the draft. Collectors can expect two Trevor Lawrence autographs, on average, in every Hot Box.

Basketball Releases

Last but not least, basketball releases. It's only fitting to save the best for last, with the Milwaukee Bucks winning the 2021 NBA Finals just last night. The season may be over, but NBA fans will have a lot to cheer about with these new sports card releases.

2020-21 Panini Donruss Elite

This set is an online-only product coming back for just its second year. Collectors are lucky to get one of these box sets. They can only be purchased directly from Panini.

This Panini basketball box is only offered in a "dutch auction" format. Collectors can start their bidding at $600 per box.

Buyers can find two rookie cards and eight parallels in each box. There are also a variety of limited versions mixed in, like Panini's Aspirations and Status cards.

This newest set from Panini also offers a lot of autograph series. Collectors can search for cards from the Turn of the Century, Passing the Torch, Pen Pals, or Elite Signature series.

2020-21 Clearly Donruss

The format of these cards is in the name. This Donruss series features a collection of current NBA players on a "clear" acetate card.

Cards from this series can be found in a variety of parallels. The rarest, however, is the clear Holo Mosaic parallel. Collectors can find three of any parallel per hobby box.

Donruss also gives collectors one insert per hobby box. These inserts can be from the Dominant, My House, The Rookies, Star Gazing, and Zero Gravity collections. These cards are still printed on the signature Clearly acetate stock, but the feature is unique to these cards only.

2021 Panini Prizm WNBA

Later this summer, collectors can expect a Prizm set of players from around the WNBA. This is the second year the brand will be covering players in the WNBA, and this set plays off the strengths of year one.

These sets contain cards of many of the league's best players. The cards collectors want are the Silver Prizms.

Collectors looking for the mojo, black gold, gold, and black parallels need to purchase hobby boxes to have a chance at getting them.

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