The Most Expensive NASCAR Sports Cards: From Record Breakers to Rare Finds

NASCAR race cars on asphalt track

With the NASCAR Cup Series about to get into full swing, there’s a renewed interest in the value of NASCAR sports trading cards. Fans may feel the most valuable NASCAR trading cards are the ones with their favorite drivers. Investors may look at things differently. Either way, it helps to understand the history of these cards to understand their value to fans — and their future potential.

Maxx, The Introductory Brand

Anyone looking for the most expensive NASCAR cards will find this brand mentioned frequently. Maxx produced sports cards from 1988 to 1996 and made some of the first NASCAR collectible cards.

While Maxx isn’t around anymore — it was purchased by Upper Deck and no longer exists – consumers have many other sources for these fine collectibles. Manufacturers like Upper Deck, Topps sports cards, and others produce NASCAR racing cards (along with their other collectibles in baseball card boxes, basketball card boxes, and football card boxes).

Some Maxx cards can be worth a good deal of money today and may even qualify for the title of the most expensive NASCAR card.

Unpredictable Races & Prices

Many different factors affect the value of a card. The winner of this year’s Winston Cup Series will no doubt affect the NASCAR collectibles market, and cards that bear the winner’s autograph will rise further in popularity.

The condition of the card will also affect its value. Don’t forget the most valuable NASCAR cards are usually investment-quality cards only. This type of card is rated mint or near-mint condition.

Keep in mind that the asking price or starting price of an auction may begin at any amount the seller likes. The seller may set the price at an unrealistic level for notoriety or some other purpose. The true value of a card ultimately depends on what a buyer is willing to pay.

Who Has The Most Expensive NASCAR Card?

Racing cards become noteworthy because of the driver’s and the sport’s popularity. Some races, like the Winston Cup Series, may help propel a card to superstar status.

NASCAR pit crew in action

Here are some NASCAR cards that are currently going for the highest starting prices on auction sites online. You’ll find at least one Winston Cup winner among them.

Dale Earnhardt

Dale Earnhardt has several cards that may qualify for the most expensive NASCAR card of all time.

At the top of the heap with a $1M asking price on eBay is a Dale Earnhardt card from the rare Pinnacle Zenith Highlights collection. This 24-carat gold card features seven diamonds and is part of a 49-card set released for the 1994 NASCAR Winston Cup series.

Another card that qualifies for the most valuable NASCAR card may be the rare Dale Earnhardt 1988 Maxx RC rookie card that was never officially included in the Maxx 1988 RC deck.

Maxx failed to get permission to use this card in 1988, so they pulled the card from collections they sold that year. Dale’s image later appeared in a 1989 deck, and the original card became part of a special Maxx Redemption collection that was available for a limited time. Today, this card may fetch upwards of $6000 or more. While this rare card may be one of the most expensive NASCAR cards to be found, buyers should beware of fakes that are on the market.

Then, there is the rare UNO card. It appears to be a normal UNO card from the back, and the front shows Dale enjoying his success at the 1983 Daytona qualifier race. It was included in NASCAR-themed UNO decks produced by Mattel in the early 1990s. This card, if one ever appears in a public auction, may command a special price. However, since it’s not a true NASCAR trading card according to many collectors, it may never be regarded as the most expensive NASCAR card, no matter what it sells for.

Hailie Deegan

Hailie Deegan was among the hottest rookies that turned pro in 2018. Several of her cards rank among the most valuable NASCARcards.

Hailie is a record breaker, being the first woman to win the K&N NASCAR Pro Series in 2018. Any card she appears upon has the potential to become one of the most sought-after cards in history, and some of her current cards command high prices.

At a starting price of $5000, the 2022 Panini Chronicles Clear Vision Hailie Deegan insert card can be an expensive card to collect. But the 2020 Prizm Racing Color Blast Card may be Hailie’s most expensive NASCAR card, with a current asking price of $9,999 on eBay.

NASCAR race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

Brandon Brown & Chase Elliot

Other high-value cards include Brandon Brown and Chase Elliot. Some of their cards offer clear potential and currently command respectable prices.

The Brandon Brown Obsidian card with autograph, for example, from the 2021 Panini Chronicles collection, can be had for just over $4000 if we go by current auctions. The Chase Elliot autograph card from the Panini Prizm Racing collection may someday become the most valuable NASCAR card, but for now, it is priced at around $3,000 on auction sites.

Get The Best Collectible Experience

Most collectors would love to discover a valuable card in their collection, like the most expensive NASCAR card in the world, but fantasy and reality rarely meet on such pleasant terms. Smart collectors know how to increase their odds of success, so that the quality of their collection has the best chance to increase in value.

Astute collectors buy from economical sources. This keeps initial investment low. Smart buyers purchase quality brands from trustworthy sources. This prevents wasted time and effort. And smart buyers care for their investments with quality sports card supplies.

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