Top Baseball Rookie Prospects for 2023

An official Major League Baseball ball on a baseball field

Baseball season is right around the corner, so it’s time to take a look at the up-and-coming Major League Baseball rookies who are getting ready to take the field, or at least keep the dugout warm.

Whether you’re prepping your fantasy baseball roster, getting geared up for Opening Day festivities, or anticipating new sports card releases from your favorite baseball card brands, it’s time to get to know 10 of the top MLB prospects 2023 has in store.

1. Gunnar Henderson — Orioles

Gunnar Henderson's 2019 1st Bowman Chrome baseball card

Arguably one of the most versatile 2023 rookies, Gunnar Henderson’s exceptional athleticism has led to him wearing multiple defensive hats, primarily covering third while also covering second and short on occasion. He’s also an extremely powerful offensive player, thanks to his keen eye and powerful swing.

2. Francisco Álvarez — Mets

Francisco Alvarez's 2020 Topps Heritage rookie card

Like Gunnar Henderson, Francisco Álvarez is another one of those baseball rookies who brings a lot to the table. On defense, he’s a stellar catcher, and his prowess as a right-handed batter makes Álvarez a rookie to watch closely in the coming season. Having just turned 21 in November of 2021, Álvarez’ may be young, but he can hold his own with the best.

3. Corbin Carroll — Diamondbacks

Corbin Carroll's 1st Bowman Chrome rookie card

While the COVID-19 pandemic and a shoulder injury put a damper on Corbin Carroll’s minor league career, he was still able to deliver some excellent work over the course of 32 games, including two steals and four home runs. One thing that makes Carroll stand out from other baseball rookies is his staggering speed, which will certainly make him a valuable center fielder for Arizona’s club.

4. James Wood — Nationals

James Wood's Bowman Draft card


As one of the players who was part of the Nationals’ largely loathed Juan Soto trade, James Wood has some massive shoes to fill. Fortunately for the fans, he’s one of the MLB prospects 2023 looks to be favoring quite highly. Based on his impressive athleticism, you’d be forgiven for failing to notice that he stands at 6-foot-7. As you might expect, his size makes him a powerful swinger, but he also plays a mean center field.

5. Jackson Chourio — Brewers

Jackson Chourio's 2022 Bowman Chrome Sapphire card

It’s no surprise that Jackson Chourio is among the top Major League Baseball rookies, considering he was the emerging star of the show in 2022’s minor league season — an impressive feat on its own, let alone at just 18 years old. Although he was signed as a shortstop, Chourio’s exceptional speed makes him an outstanding outfielder — among Milwaukee’s best.

6. Eury Pérez — Marlins

Eury Perez's 2022 Prizm Draft baseball card

Standing at 6-foot-8, pitcher Eury Pérez is a serious presence on the mound. He brings an extensive pitch portfolio to the Marlins, including a mid-90s fastball and two breaking balls. Pérez’s pitch control would be impressive at any size, but given his large frame, it’s remarkable how often he’s able to hit his target with pinpoint precision.

7. Jordan Walker — Cardinals

Jordan Walker's 2021 Bowman Prospects card

Jordan Walker is one of the more exciting offensive Major League Baseball rookies to keep a close eye on. While he certainly holds it down as a skilled third baseman, he really stands out from other MLB prospects 2023 has in store due to his raw power at the plate. While he does need to work on launching the ball upwards (45% of his hits were grounders last season), Walker looks to be a slugger who could start making regular appearances, most likely around the middle of the batting lineup.

8. Grayson Rodriguez — Orioles

Grayson Rodriguez's 2022 Topps Pro Debut card

Much like Eury Pérez, Grayson Rodriguez is a power pitcher with a big presence on the mound, although at 6-foot-5, he’s not quite as tall as Pérez. However, he’s absolutely one of the top Major League Baseball rookies covering pitching duties, thanks to his extensive pitching arsenal that includes a changeup, slider, and a fastball hitting the upper 90s. In fact, last season he struck out 37% of his batters. That record could earn him a place as a starting pitcher in 2023.

9. Elly De La Cruz — Reds

Elly de la Cruz's 2022 Bowman Chrome Prospect card

It’s a toss-up with Elly De La Cruz — his unique approach could make him the next big star, but it could also end up being a downside. Time will tell! He’s a 6-foot-6 shortstop and a switch hitter. He’s fast and powerful, and he swings aggressively. Last season he hit 28 home runs, but he also struck out more than 30% of the time. As you can see, Elly De La Cruz will be one of the most fascinating Major League Baseball rookies to watch in 2023.

10. Marcelo Mayer — Red Sox

Marcelo Mayer's 2021 Bowman Draft card

While he may not be the most exciting of the MLB prospects in 2023, Boston’s Marcelo Mayer’s versatility will make him a great addition to the Red Sox. He’s a well-rounded player who covers shortstop. He has an excellent arm, and he performs very well at the plate too. While Mayer’s speed could use a little work, his overall athleticism in all aspects of the game makes him a worthy addition to the list.

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