Bowman Sterling Collection

Find the finest Bowman cards, packs, and hobby boxes here — at the lowest prices. Bowman and Topps Sterling cards give baseball fans multiple seasons of collectible opportunities. The Bowman line is a great value. No matter what level of player you are looking for, you may find them in the Sterling collection. Sterling Edition card packs include famous rookie cards, dignified veteran cards, hot prospect cards, and rare pulls that make the baseball card collecting experience unique. Fast-moving rookies and top prospects make the Sterling collection especially attractive to speculators.

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2 products

Jaw-Dropping Art 

The Sterling collection of baseball cards features a full range of players in action poses. Typical sports card boxes include five miniboxes that hold six cards, including an autograph card. Cards are printed on fine cardstock with a premium coat, and each card shines with a dignified finish that enhances the artwork and protects the image. These baseball, basketball, and football card boxes never fail to impress, with special features like Sterling Recollections and rare cards that make every unsealing event special. Fans and collectors agree the Bowman Sterling set is a valuable addition to the collectible market. 

Sterling Collectibles

Bowman has been producing collectible cards since 1939 and is one of the first companies to cater to sports fans. While the first baseball card boxes may seem simple by today’s standards, most collectors agree on their value. Artists recognize those early cards as examples of sports art and history and admire their beauty and composition. Topps sports cards have operated Bowman since 1956, and today’s Bowman Sterling cards continue the tradition with top-quality in-game imagery of the hottest prospects and rookies. Bowman and Topps Sterling cards are fine collectibles with excellent investment potential.