Sports Card Sales & Special Deals

Sports Card Sales & Special Deals

At Giant Sports Cards, we prioritize your needs as a collector by making sure that you have access to the hottest new releases at competitive prices. We know there may be months when you get stretched and have less to spend. We can help! While our regular inventory offers some of the lowest prices around, make sure to check out these deals and discounts to enjoy even greater savings. Here, you’ll find a wide offering of hobby boxes and cases at impressive discounts. If you love collecting football card boxes, soccer trading cards, and baseball card boxes on sale, you’re sure to find your favorites here and save big. Dive into the action!

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26 products

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How do I find out how much my sports cards are worth?

Our sports card sales are packed with high-value hits! If you pulled one and want to know its resale value, contact a reputable sports card appraisal service. Learn more here: How to Get Sports Cards Appraised Fairly. If you are local to Atlanta and looking to sell, feel free to bring your top cards by our Ultimate Collector’s Cave retail shop and we’re always happy to offer free honest advice.

How can I tell if a sports card is fake?

If you’re shopping at Giant Sports Cards, you can be 100% confident that you’re receiving authentic sports cards. Integrity is our highest priority, and we treat our customers how we want to be treated—we’re collectors ourselves! 

If you bought your cards somewhere else, and you think there might be something off about them, check this guide: How to Spot a Fake Sports Card.

How do I clean my sports cards?

All cards sold in our sports card sales and the rest of our regular inventory are in brand-new, pristine condition in their original sealed boxes. If you do need to clean your cards at any point, follow this guide: How to Clean Sports Cards (And What Not to Do).

Sports Card Sales To Watch

Getting the hottest cards at low prices is always an awesome find. However, you can take that a step further by looking at some of the stellar deals and discounts we have to offer here at the Ultimate Collector’s Cave™our Atlanta-based sports card store. No matter your budget or what you’re looking for, there are some amazing deals from top sports trading card brands, like Panini sports cards, Leaf, Tristar, and Topps sports cards. If you’re looking for a gift, these boxes and cases can make any avid card collector smile. Can’t decide? Get a gift card now, and let them pick which treasure we send!

Sports Card Super Sales

We don’t just offer great deals and discounts. We treat you like the MVP with benefits like same-business-day shipping, free shipping on orders over $175, and $10 off your first order when you sign up for our newsletter. Take advantage of these deals today and get your favorite sports card boxes and cases before they disappear. Our baseball card sales can give your collection a boost, no matter where you are in your card-collecting journey. Hit these special deals today, before the rare pulls vanish! Unbox Your Love Of The Game™!