Sealed Sports Card Boxes

Sealed Sports Card Boxes

Looking for the best hobby boxes and cases for sale anywhere? Search no more. Giant Sports Cards makes it easy for you to get your hands on premium collectible cards now. Save time and money when you shop online or stop by our sports card store in Atlanta! Whether you’re a football, basketball, soccer, or baseball enthusiast, our extensive inventory of premium sports card cases and boxes is sure to satisfy your thirst for new and rare cards and memorabilia. Unbox Your Love Of The Game™ now, and take your collection to the next level!

419 products

419 products


What’s the difference between retail and hobby sports card boxes?

Hobby boxes are exclusively available from dealers and distributors, while retail boxes are widely available. Hobby boxes and cases are more likely to contain high-value hits, like parallels, guaranteed autographs, memorabilia cards, and numbered cards. You can still pull cards of value from retail boxes, but autographs and lower numbered parallels are not as common in retail as they are in hobby boxes.

What’s the difference between hobby boxes and hobby cases?

A hobby box is an individual box that includes a certain number of packs of cards, which is dependent on the product line. A hobby case holds a specific number of hobby boxes. Many brands will have a “case hit” which is a very rare card of higher value which will be randomly placed in one of the boxes in any given hobby case. By purchasing a hobby case instead of a box, you are guaranteeing you find the case hit.

Which sports cards are most popular?

The answer depends on when you ask! The most popular cards change depending on the season—baseball card cases are especially popular during baseball season, and so on—but other factors can affect their desirability, as well. For example, if a popular movie about football came out, people might flock to football sports card boxes. 

All that said, new sports card releases from all sports are always flying off the shelves. Chasing rookies from all sports is also a very common tactic among collectors.

Get More With Premium Sports Card Boxes

Buying individual cards or single packs isn’t the most efficient or fun way to build a full-bodied, diversified collection, but it still is a way to build a collection. Whether you’re an investor or you just love the thrill of cracking open a sealed hobby box and ripping into packs, we have the new releases you’re looking for. With our prices, you can score a rare collectible without burning a hole in your wallet. Special deals and sports card sales can bring you even more savings! Ready to dive into the action? Get in the game with the hottest sports card cases that keep you coming back for more!

Born Out of a Love for All Things Sports

Our childhood was defined by sports, whether it was playing sports, watching sports, or collecting sports cards that immortalized our favorite players. We love collecting, and our boxes and cases are designed to bring that same thrill to new and veteran collectors. Our goal is to be the top source for sports cards in Atlanta—stop by the Ultimate Collector’s Cave™ if you’re in the areawhile also making our huge inventory available online. We treat you like an MVP with same business day shipping, free shipping over $175, and GOAT-level customer service. If your inner collector is thirsty for premium cards, get them today!