Topps Chrome Black

This collection, which includes rare and exclusive Topps Black cards, is one of the most popular Topps sports card collections we carry. These exclusive cards have eye-popping graphics and a glossy feel, and every boxed set is filled with memories that can bring the sport to life. Since 1971, when the first black-bordered cards appeared in Topps baseball decks, fans have eagerly awaited these cards. Each case and hobby box is loaded with possibilities, like rare red and gold cards, and maybe a platinum card or a super refractor!

4 products

4 products

Sleek & Glossy Cards 

Looking for something rare and thrilling? Topps Chrome Black cards can fulfill that desire. Since their introduction, these stylish black cards and ultra-stylish black chrome cards have been produced in exclusive and limited runs. That gives collectors one more reason to get them as soon as they appear. Fans also chase their heavy card stock and, with Black Chrome cards, an almost mirror-smooth, glossy finish. And Topps hasn’t forgotten the parallels! You’ll find red, blue, green, and gold parallels, and more. Topps hobby boxes are bursting with value and fun!

A Trustworthy Brand

Topps has been a leading sports card manufacturer for generations, making baseball cards, basketball cards, soccer cards, and more — all destined to become rare and valuable. Get one or more of these awesome Topps Black & Chrome Black boxes or cases today, earning same-business-day shipping and free shipping on orders of $175 or more. Plus, you can register for our weekly newsletter to get additional savings! Browse our selection of sealed sports card boxes and cases, and feel free to contact us if you have questions at all.