Topps Chrome Sapphire

Ever since they were introduced in 2016, Topps Sapphire sports cards have remained quite popular among collectors who appreciate their outstanding value retention, unique aesthetic, and variety of distinct parallels included in each release. From soccer to baseball to Formula 1, Giant Sports Cards carries the Sapphire boxes you need to level up your collection and chase those rare parallels — especially the ultra-elusive 1/1 Padparadscha superfractor! If you’re looking to get your hands on some highly desirable low pop cards, we have you covered with the hottest releases that are sure to satisfy the appetites of the hungriest collectors out there!

4 products

4 products

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Each Topps Chrome Sapphire release boasts its own specific list of parallels for you to seek out and treasure. Some releases do share commonalities with the iconic Padparadscha being the rarest variant to watch for in all Sapphire releases. Besides the classic blue sapphire, you may also find yellow, orange, red, purple, and green sapphires. These gemstone-inspired cards offer a super exciting look that pops in a major way. They’re also a sound option for investment-minded collectors, as they’ve proven to hold (and grow) their value over time. See for yourself why Sapphires are a fan favorite!

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Why shop for Topps Chrome Sapphire cards anywhere else? Avid collectors turn to Giant Sports because we stock the hottest releases at the lowest prices, but that’s not all. We’re known for our product condition integrity, great customer service, and speedy, same business day shipping — enjoy free shipping on orders over $175. Grab your sealed hobby boxes and cases! If you know cards, you know Topps. Now it’s time to meet (or greet) Topps Sapphire and add some jaw-dropping color to your collection, and maybe even some rare parallels too. Sign up for our newsletter for $10 off your next purchase, and explore our special deals!