Topps Heritage Collection

Our Heritage sports card collection includes some of the biggest names in major league baseball history. Collectors will delight in the colorful, eye-popping graphics and design features that haven’t been seen on popular baseball cards since the 1970s. New and seasoned collectors will enjoy the dazzling number of rookies, veterans, and all-stars in this premium Topps sports card collection. You’ll find an array of players featured in the base set plus lots of stunning parallel cards and variations guaranteed to make collecting fun. Start exploring!

2 products

2 products

Vintage Memories

While the exact number of cards in Topps Heritage collections varies depending on the year of release, fans are sure to find lots of cards to love. Seasoned fans will enjoy the warm memories invoked by vintage graphics reminiscent of the 1960s and 1970s, which are similar to those used in some of the first Topps baseball card boxes. Collectors and fans alike will love the many parallels in this collection, including silver and gold, mini cards, chrome cards, refractors, and more. You may find autograph cards, relic cards, and auto-relic cards in every box. Heritage offers many valuable possibilities for collectors.

Speedy Shipping

When you order a box of Heritage sports cards, you get a premium quality product at a low price. We always ship on the same business day, when possible, and you never get charged for shipping on orders over $175. We know you’ll be pleased with the contents of your order, and the appearance of your cards or sports card supplies. Giant Sports Cards takes the fear out of shipping with our product condition integrity process, so you don’t have to be afraid of shipping damage. Satisfy that urge to boost the content and value of your baseball card collection today, and order a Topps Heritage hobby box or case now!