All You Need To Know About Our Breaks

 Welcome and thanks for stopping by! This is for anyone new to our breaks (Giant Breaks) and covers the details of what we're all about and how everything works. Feel free to contact us with questions and we're happy to answer them!


We "break" open different boxes and cases of sports cards live online. We stream these breaks to our Facebook Group as well as YouTube (make sure you have notifications on and follow us so you know when we go live).


We strive to provide you with the best experience in breaking. We do this by:

  • Having the highest integrity and honesty in the hobby
  • Being punctual and beginning breaks at the proper time communicated to everyone
  • Providing you with exceptional video quality
  • Being personable and giving commentary during breaks to provide entertainment
  • Not rushing and ensuring everyone can see all the cards we open
  • Handling all of your cards with care as if they were our own
  • Always notifying you of shipments going out and providing tracking information
  • Never taking shortcuts and always doing things the right way


We break a blend of baseball, football, and basketball cards. Most of the breaks are ultra-modern cards of the current calendar year, though we will on occasion break some older product and do some throwback breaks. Our breaks vary from case breaks to mixers, which include boxes from a variety of different product.


We keep things fresh and offer all kinds of different formats for our breaks. The most common types are:

  • Pick One Team, Get One (or Two) Free Teams
  • Pick Your Team
  • Random Teams
  • Pick Your Division
  • Random Divisions


All breaks are posted on our website. We also promote breaks through our Facebook Group, so make sure to join so you can stay in the know when we post new breaks on our site!


We are all about quality over quantity. The number of days we break in a week will vary some, but is usually between 2-4 days per week. There is a massive amount of effort that goes in behind the scenes to providing you with the best experience in breaking, so we don't want to cut corners like so many other breakers do in order to do more breaks in a week. Once a break is filled, it will break within 48 hours. We will update the schedule on our site and Facebook Group to ensure everyone has visibility of our schedule.


All breaks are paid for directly through our website. Simply add whatever breaks you want to participate in to your cart and checkout.


We are EXTREMELY careful with all cards, from the time we pull an unopened pack out of the box until the time it ships out. All hits (autos/relics) will be sleeved and top loaded. All inserts (even the worst player of the most common insert) will be at least sleeved. Many of these will also get top loaded. The same thing goes for top rookies.


Cards are shipped out once a week, every Monday. This will include everything from the previous Friday through Thursday breaks. Cards will be sandwiched between top loaders on BOTH SIDES and sent in a bubble mailer, as we want to protect all cards we send - even the base cards. Shipments under 1lb will go USPS 1st Class. Shipments 1lb or heavier we upgrade to UPS Ground at no extra cost. Tracking will be provided automatically for all shipments to the email address we have on file and will mail to the address on file.


New to breaking? Here is some more information on how it works!

  • Multiple people purchase a spot in each break. This allows everyone to help split the cost up of the product being opened, while giving them a chance to hit a highly valuable card for a fraction of the cost they could otherwise purchase it for.
  • For unopened boxes/cases, this will be done based on either purchasing a team, teams, or division. You will receive all cards for that specific team(s) that come from the box/case break. For example, if you purchased the New York Yankees, you would receive all cards pulled from the box/case break of players that are on the Yankees - including any highly sought after hits/autographs. This is a great way to collect your favorite team or player, without paying for and collecting unwanted cards.
  • For packs, sets, drafts, and "pick one get X random teams": we do a live online randomizer at the beginning of the break broadcast with the name of each member who purchased a spot. We will do a live random 5x of those names to assign spots and random teams. This will determine the card number that each member will receive for the break. For example, if it is a pack break and you ended up with your name next to spot 3, you would receive the 3rd card pulled from the pack.
  • Any teams you see with aby them cannot be picked for that particular break (only for breaks that are pick one, get X random). These are the hottest/highest value teams, and is important everyone has a chance at getting them in certain breaks. We don't keep any of those teams for ourselves - they will always be assigned randomly to those who are in that given break.

Thanks for being a part of our breaking community! We look forward to pulling some fire for you and having a lot of fun doing it!!!