2022/23 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box
2022/23 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box
2022/23 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box
2022/23 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box
2022/23 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box

2022/23 Panini Donruss Soccer Hobby Box

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 30 cards per pack, 12 packs per box.


  • Donruss Soccer returns for the 2022-23 season, highlighting over two dozen of the worlds best club and national teams.
  • Find a 200-card base set, including 25 of the iconic Rated Rookies, featuring some of the best young players on one of their first certified trading cards.
  • Open eight inset sets in 2022-23: Net Marvels, Craftsmen, Zero Gravity, 1992 Donruss Tribute, Pitch Kings, Rookie Kings, The Rookies and Elite Series.
  • The ultra-popular Kaboom! insert is back in Donruss, joined by a new ultra-rare offering - Night Moves. Find one of each per case, on average.
  • Look for autographs and memorabilia cards, from some of the best footballers past and present in Beautiful Game Autographs, Signature Series, Beautiful Game Dual Autographs, Kit Kings and Kit Series.
  • 1 Autograph
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 60 Parallels
  • 48 Inserts Or Insert Parallels 


- Collect 175 base cards as the foundation of the collection. Find each in a plethora of parallels and Optic parallels including the elusive Black (#’d/1).

Rated Rookies
- Look for 25 of the best youngsters in the game to be represented in the Rated Rookies subset.

Net Marvels
- The fan-favorite Net Marvels insert returns for the 2022-23 season, featuring comic book cover style and magnificent players.

Zero Gravity
- The Zero Gravity insert features players that occupy rare air in the game. Collect all 25 cards in the set!

- The ultra-rare Kaboom! insert returns to Donruss Soccer for the new season. Highlighting the best of the best, these cards are a sight to behold if you can find one.

Beautiful Game Autographs
- Look for certified autograph cards from some of the best players, current and retired, in three sets: Beautiful Game Autographs, Signature Series and Beautiful Game Dual Autographs.
- Autographs fall one per hobby box, on average.

Kit Kings
- Open two memorabilia card inserts in Kit Series and Kit Kings.
- Find one memorabilia card per hobby box, on average.


Parallel Appendix:
- Base optic Holo
- Base Optic Red (#’d/199)
- Base Optic Blue (#’d/99)
- Base Optic Teal Mojo (#’d/49)
- Base Optic Purple Mojo (#’d/25)
- Base Optic Gold (#’d/10)
- Base Optic Black (#’d/1)

- Base Silver
- Base Teal (#’d/199)
- Base Red (#’d/99)
- Base Blue (#’d/99)
- Base Gold (#’d/10)
- Base Black (#’d/1)

- Net Marvels Silver
- Net Marvels Black (#’d/1)

- Beautiful Game Autographs Blue (Max #’d/99)
- Beautiful Game Autographs Red (Max #’d/49)
- Beautiful Game Autographs Gold (Max #’d/10)
- Beautiful Game Autographs Black (Max #’d/1)

- Kit Kings Gold (Max #’d/10)
- Kit Kings Black (Max #’d/1)

Grab a 2022/23 Donruss Soccer Hobby Box today and enjoy ripping open a staple brand and chasing some amazing cards like Kabooms!