Ultra Pro One-Touch 35pt Holder


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  • (1) One-Touch Per Holder
  • Sized to fit standard size (2-1/2" x 3-1/2") sports trading cards or gaming cards up to 35pt thickness
  • Made with non-PVC, ultra-clear materials with UV-blocking additives
  • Includes diamond corners to keep card corners in mint condition
  • Frosted borders and ultra-clear materials show your card's true colors with a premium presentation
  • Comes with a slide-in hinge and magnetic closure keeps your card secure
  • Suitable for autographed cards, parallel cards, and other rare insert sports cards


What is the Ultra Pro One-Touch 35pt Holder made out of?

Unlike some other sports card holders that are made out of PVC, the Ultra Pro One-Touch Holder consists of only non-PVC materials for a crystal-clear display that does not cause permanent damage to the card. This holder also has UV-blocking additives in it to further protect sports cards.

Which size cards will fit in an Ultra Pro One-Touch 35pt Holder?

This One-Touch magnetic card holder is designed to hold any standard-size sports cards or trading cards at 2-1/2" x 3-1/2" and up to 35pt thickness.

How does an Ultra Pro One-Touch Holder provide protection for sports cards?

An Ultra Pro One-Touch Holder can be used to prevent dirt, dust, and other debris from coming into contact with the card. It can also make it easier to display sports cards without running the risk of getting fingerprints on them or bending or tearing the edges.

Keep Your Cards in Pristine Condition

The Ultra Pro One-Touch Holder is one of the most durable sports card supplies for standard-size sports cards and gaming cards. Non-PVC materials are a huge benefit, and UV-blocking additives are incorporated into the mix to protect it from sun damage and fading. This One-Touch magnetic card holder showcases a very clear display and features frosted borders to make it easy to show off sports cards both at home and at card shows. Rely on the slide-in hinge and magnetic closure to keep your cards secure for many years to come. 

Find It All At the Ultimate Collector’s Cave™

A One-Touch holder is the ideal choice for extremely rare cards that need all the protection they can get. Keep away dust, fingerprints, sun damage, and torn or bent edges with our sports card supplies! We know how much work you put into your card collection, so don’t forget to keep them in mint condition. Shop our sports card store for an Ultra Pro One-Touch 35pt Holder or any toploaders or card sleeves at competitive prices, earning speedy, same-business-day shipping or free local pick-up if you stop by our baseball card shop in the Atlanta, GA area!