All the Collection Supplies You Need for Your Sports Cards

Collection supplies to prevent damaged sports cards

Think back to your time as a child when you would collect new sports cards. If you were like most children, you probably enjoyed getting new cards but didn’t take quite as good care of them as you could have. Over the years, these cards may have degraded, become bent or damaged, or even have gotten lost. As an adult, you now know the sentimental and monetary value of these investments. Keeping them protected is an important part of collecting sports cards. 

But what exactly should you use if you’re looking to ensure that your sports card collection withstands the test of time? Let’s take a look at a few must-have sports card collection supplies you will need to preserve your cards. 

Sports Cards Accessories You Need to Protect Your Collection

Soft card sleeve collection supplies


When it comes time to take a look at all your cards and organize them, you’re going to want to keep them protected so that they don’t get bent or ruined by oils on your hands or other contaminants. One of the best collection supplies for this purpose is soft card sleeves. These card sleeves offer protection while making it easy to sort through your cards and organize them for storage later. 




Toploader sleeve collection supplies


Speaking of storage, you’re going to want to have collection supplies on hand that allow you to maintain your peace of mind knowing that your cards are safe from damage once you put them away. For this, you should go for 3”x4” Toploaders. Toploaders are much thicker than their soft sleeve counterparts, serving to prevent your cards from bending once they’re put away and making sure that they aren’t ruined by dirt, dust, or other contaminants. No matter your organizational system or storage methods, Toploaders are a necessity!

Magnetic holder sports card accessories

 3. Magnetic One-Touch Holders for Your Most Valuable Pieces

Most collection supplies are focused on providing your sports card collection with basic protection. However, not all of your sports cards are going to offer the same level of value. You might have some seriously valuable pieces in your collection that require greater protection to ensure that you don’t lose your investment. One of the sports card accessories you should have for these collectibles is magnetic holders. Magnetic holders offer a slide-in hinge with magnetic closure to help you keep your card safe as you slide it in, diamond borders and a thick body to prevent any damage from occurring and UV-resistant properties.


This is the perfect storage solution for your higher end cards you don’t grade. When you have cards that are more valuable than other cards in your collection, they demand better protection. 

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