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New Sports Card Releases

Passionate sports card collectors understand the importance of staying on top of all the hottest releases—it takes one to know one! However, finding a reliable resource for these new sports cards to build your collection that reliable ships product on time without breaking the bank can seem like an impossible feat. Fortunately, Giant Sports Cards has you covered from A-Z with the latest and greatest sports cards with prices and perks that allow you to fully enjoy your favorite hobby like an MVP. Shop online, or swing by our jaw-dropping shop, the Ultimate Collector’s Cave™, anytime you’re in the Atlanta area!

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How can I make sure I get the latest sports card hobby boxes and cases before they sell out?

Keep an eye on our presale calendar to make sure you know about new sports card releases, and be sure to pre-order them ASAP to stake your claim. Get in touch if you’re looking for something specific, or come visit our shop in the Atlanta area to chat with knowledgeable industry insiders. The hottest products have the lowest print runs, so it’s not uncommon for us to sell out of some product before it’s even released - the early bird truly does get the worm!

Should I open sports card releases or keep them sealed?

That’s a tough question because both approaches have their own unique benefits! Being the first to pull a highly desirable single could mean that you’re able to sell it for a great price when the interest and demand is through the roof. At the same time, many sealed wax hobby boxes and cases increase in value over time - especially those from years with a strong rookie class.

How should I store and protect my sports cards?

After choosing your new sports card releases, be sure to grab some sports card supplies to prevent damage. For standard storage and sorting, soft sleeves will do the job. Store your higher-value cards in toploaders and your premium hits in magnetic holders or get them graded by a reputable company.

Unbox Your Love Of The Game™

At Giant Sports Cards, we’re true collectors and sports fans ourselves. Our mission is to help out the community by keeping our inventory stocked with the hottest hobby and retail sports card boxes and cases so that you can dive into the action anytime and get the best bang for your buck. Why get your sports cards from anywhere else?

We’re famous for our outstanding product integrity and honesty. When you order your new sports card releases from us, you can rest assured that you’re getting exactly what you pay for with white-glove packaging to ensure that your cards arrive in mint condition. We treat fellow collectors how we would want to be treated. Experience the Giant Sports Cards difference! 

Shop Our Vast Sports Card Inventory

Giant Sports Cards was created out of the desire to share our passion for sports and collecting with the world. As such, you can look forward to a GOAT-level experience when buying from fellow sports enthusiasts. We provide speedy, same-business-day shipping so you get your new sports cards as soon as possible. Orders over $199 ship free.

We know the excitement that comes with getting your hands on new sports card releases. It’s a feeling we still crave today, even as veteran collectors. We’ll always go above and beyond to do right by our awesome customers. Whether you’re shopping online or hanging out at our decked-out shop in the Atlanta area, you can count on Giant Sports Cards to be your go-to sports card shop. Shop new sports cards now!