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New Sports Card Releases

Avid sports card collectors understand the importance of staying on top of all the hottest releases in order to build a high-quality collection that’s up-to-date. However, finding a reliable resource for these new sports card releases to build your collection without breaking the bank can seem like an impossible feat. Fortunately, Giant Sports Cards is your go-to resource for all the latest sports card releases with prices and benefits that allow you to fully enjoy your pastime.

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Discover New Sports Cards & Cases 

At Giant Sports Cards, we are true collectors and sports fans ourselves and want to help out other fellow fans and collectors in the hobby. This means we’re focused on offering you premium quality, top hobby and retail boxes and cases so that you can build your collection quickly and get the best bang for your buck. 

Whether you’re looking forward to new release baseball cards from Panini, Topps, or Leaf, or you’re a soccer, football, or basketball fan, you can find exciting new sports card releases here at Giant Sports Cards. When you shop from trusted card brands, you can rest assured you will find cards that feature your favorite players in their new team uniforms, shiny new rookie cards of the next big star, or autographed inserts from top athletes.

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Giant Sports Cards was created out of the desire to share our passion for sports and collecting with the world. As such, you can only expect the best possible experience when buying from fellow sports enthusiasts. We go above and beyond to offer you free shipping on orders over $175 and speedy, same business day shipping, so you get your new sports cards as soon as possible.

We are also proud to offer wonderful customer service and the lowest prices on the newest cards. We also bring you the supplies you need, including sports card toploaders for your cards and gift cards, so you can share the love of sports cards with others. Check out our presale calendar for the latest sports card releases and take advantage of our special deals to save more!