2022 Panini Origins Football Hobby 16 Box Case
2022 Panini Origins Football Hobby 16 Box Case
2022 Panini Origins Football Hobby 16 Box Case
2022 Panini Origins Football Hobby 16 Box Case
2022 Panini Origins Football Hobby 16 Box Case

2022 Panini Origins Football Hobby 16 Box Case

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7 cards per pack, 1 pack per box, 16 boxes per case


  • Origins Football is back and features the first on-card rookie autographs of the 2022 draft class in their professional uniforms!
  • Chase all of the best rookies ready to burst onto the NFL scene including: Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, Matt Corral and many more!
  • Find the always-popular Rookie Jumbo Jersey Autographs of all the best rookies, which features an oversized-memorabilia swatch and autograph!
  • Hunt down a number of cards inscribed with a personal touch in Passing, Rushing, and Receiving Stars Signatures!
  • Be on the lookout for all-new case hits: Blank Slate and Pedigree!


  • 1 Jumbo Rookie Jersey Autograph
  • 1 Other Autograph
  • 1 Memorabilia Card
  • 2 Base/Rookies/Rookie Variations
  • 2 Base Parallels


- Origins features a 100-card base set that showcases the brightest stars in the NFL today!

Rookies Signatures:
- Returning to Origins in 2022: Look for first-time rookie cards from the top members of the 2022 Draft Class in their NFL uniforms!

Rookie Autographs:
- Returning in 2022: Hunt for the always-popular Rookies Autographs, featuring on-card autographs from some of the biggest Stars in the 2022 Draft Class!

Passing Stars Signatures
- Returning in 2022: Look for Passing Stars Signatures, Rushing Stars Signatures, and Receiving Stars Signatures, featuring the top 2022 Rookies at their respective positions!

Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs
- Featuring an oversized jersey autograph of the top rookies in the 2022 NFL Draft, hunt for the iconic Rookie Jumbo Jersey Autographs!
- Find parallels #’d/99 or less!

Dual Rookie Autographs
- New to Origins in 2022- Hunt for Dual Rookie Autographs and Triple Rookie Autographs featuring On-Card Autographs from the hottest Rookies in the Draft Class!

Rookie Booklet Patch Auto
- Hunt for Rookie Booklet Patch Autos, which features an On-Card Autograph on one side and a Jumbo Prime Swatch of Memorabilia on the other!

Proving Ground Signatures
- New to 2022 Origins- Chase the new Insert, Proving Ground Signatures and collect the most battle-tested stars in the NFL!

- New to Origins in 2022: Be on the lookout for all-new case hits.
- Blank Slate and Pedigree!

- Base Red #’d/299
- Base Orange #’d/199
- Base Blue #’d/99
- Base Silver #’d/75
- Base Turquoise #’d/50
- Base Gold #’d/25
- Base Green #’d/10
- Base Black #’d 1/1
- Base Printing Plate Cyan #’d 1/1
- Base Printing Plate Magenta #’d 1/1
- Base Printing Plate Yellow #’d 1/1
- Base Printing Plate Black #’d 1/1

- Rookies Signatures Max #’d/99
- Rookies Signatures Black #’d 1/1

- Rookie Autographs Max Rookie Autographs Red Max #’d/99
- Rookie Autographs Blue Max #’d/49
- Rookie Autographs Turquoise Max #’d/25
- Rookie Autographs Gold Max #’d/10
- Rookie Autographs Green Max #’d/5
- Rookie Autographs Black #’d 1/1

- Passing Stars Max #’d/25
- Passing Stars #’d 1/1
- Rushing Stars Max #’d/25
- Rushing stars #’d 1/1
- Receiving Stars Max #’d/25
- Receiving Stars#’d 1/1

- Rookie Jumbo Jersey Autographs
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Red Max #’d/99
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Orange Max #’d/75
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Blue Max #’d/49
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Turquoise Max #’d/25
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Gold Max #’d/10
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Green Max #’d/5
- Rookie Jumbo Patch Autographs Black Nike Swoosh #’d 1/1

- Dual Rookie Autographs Max #’d/10
- Dual Rookie Autographs Black #’d 1/1
- Triple Rookie Autographs Max #’d/10
- Triple Rookie Autographs Black #’d 1/1

- Rookie Booklet Patch Auto Max #’d/49
- Rookie booklet Patch Auto Gold Max #’d/25
- Rookie Booklet Patch Auto Gloves Max #’d/2
- Rookie Booklet Patch Auto NFL Shield Black #’d 1/1
- Rookie Booklet Patch Auto Nike Tag Black #’d 1/1

- Proving Ground Signatures Max #’d/99
- Proving Ground Signatures Turquoise Max #’d/25
- Proving Ground Signatures Gold Max #’d/10
- Proving Ground Signatures Green Max #’d 5
- Proving Ground Signatures Black #’d 1/1

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