2023 Panini Score Football Hobby 12 Box Case
2023 Panini Score Football Hobby 12 Box Case
2023 Panini Score Football Hobby 12 Box Case
2023 Panini Score Football Hobby 12 Box Case

2023 Panini Score Football Hobby 12 Box Case

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40 cards per pack, 10 packs per box, 12 boxes per case


  • The first officially licensed NFL product of 2023, Score is loaded with new rookies, inserts, parallels and autographs!
  • Chase some of the first rookie cards from the 2023 NFL Draft including Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, Will Levis and many more!
  • Hunt for the following inserts that are only found in the Hobby: Breakthrough, Hot Rookies, NFL Draft and the new Men of Autumn and The Franchise!
  • Look for short-printed Lenticular inserts with Next Up, Intergalactic and the NEW Showtime!
  • Find the new Hobby-exclusive dual-auto insert Double Trouble, featuring some of the NFL’s most exciting pairings to take the gridiron!


  • 4 Autographs
  • 90 Rookies
  • 10 Parallels
  • 36 Inserts
  • 1 Lenticular Insert Per Case
  • 1 Base/Rookie Die-Cuts Per Case


The 2023 Panini Score Football Hobby Case is the first officially licensed NFL product of the year out! Bursting with an average of 48 autographs, this is a must-have for every football card enthusiast! Don't miss out on this gridiron gem!

- Hunt for all the stars the NFL has to offer in this 300-card base set.

Rookies Gem Masters
- Look for the first officially licensed rookie cards of the 2023 NFL Draft Class!

Rookies Signatures
- Chase autograph parallels of the highly anticipated 2023 NFL Rookie Class!

The Franchise
- Look for every franchise’s favorite player in this triumpant return of The Franchise!

Hot Rookies
- Collect all the heat that 2023 Score has to offer, look for the top NFL rookies in Hot Rookies!

Men Of Autumn
- Fall back to this old-school insert and watch the colors change throughout the vibrant Hobby-exclusive parallels!

- Look for the ultra-rare Showtime insert, printed using stunning lenticular technology, as well as other lenticular designs in Intergalactic and Next Up!

Base Die-Cut
- Look for these Hobby-exclusive Die-cut versions of the base and rookies cards. Hunt these SSP parallels #’d/10.

Double Trouble
- Find your favorite teammates, as well as the eye-popping Ground Zero parallel, featuring two autographs!

- Base
- Base Scorecard
- Base Showcase #’d/100
- Base Gold Zone #’d/50
- Base Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Base Red Zone #’d/20
- Base First Down #’d/10
- Base End Zone #’d/6
- Base Gem Masters #’d One-of-One
- Base Die-Cut #’d/10

- Rookies
- Rookies Scorecard
- Rookies Showcase #’d/100
- Rookies Gold Zone #’d/50
- Rookies Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Rookies Red Zone #’d/20
- Rookies First Down #’d/10
- Rookies End Zone #’d/6
- Rookies Gem Masters #’d One-of-One
- Rookies Die-Cut #’d/10

- Rookies Signatures
- Rookies Signatures Gold Zone Max #’d/50
- Rookies Signatures Artist’s Proof Max #’d/35
- Rookies Signatures Red Zone Max #’d/20
- Rookies Signatures First Down Max #’d/10
- Rookies Signatures End Zone Max #’d/6
- Rookies Signatures Gem Masters #’d One-of-One

- The Franchise Showcase #’d/100
- The Franchise Gold Zone #’d/50
- The Franchise Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- The Franchise First Down #’d/10
- The Franchise End Zone #’d/6
- The Franchise Gem Masters #’d One of One

- Hot Rookies Showcase #’d/100
- Hot Rookies Gold Zone #’d/50
- Hot Rookies Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Hot Rookies First Down #’d/10
- Hot Rookies End Zone #’d/6
- Hot Rookies Gem Masters #’d One of One

- Men of Autumn Showcase #’d/100
- Men of Autumn Gold Zone #’/50
- Men of Autumn Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Men of Autumn First Down #’d/10
- Men of Autumn End Zone #’d/6
- Men of Autumn Gem Masters #’d One of One

- Double Trouble Max #’d/100
- Double Trouble Ground Zero Max #’d/25

Color Wheel
- Hunt for the rare Hobby exclusive SP insert, Color Wheel!
- A card featuring some of the games brightest stars, layered in front of a bright and dazzling wheel of color!

Take your football card collection to new heights with the 2023 Panini Score Football Hobby Case from Giant Sports Cards. Score unbeatable pricing, receive top-tier customer support, and enjoy lightning-fast shipping.